Reborn in Amber

Reborn in Amber: A Bloodsworn Tale

Sometimes you have to die to get a second chance at love.

Princess Zurine, acting ambassador for Mystia, can hardly believe her eyes. Kiel was supposed to have died in a blizzard over a year ago. Not only is he alive, he's a Silver Blade, a warrior in the service of her brother's enemy. What else did he lie to her about—besides loving her?

When Kiel became Blade sick, he faked his death and gave up the woman he loves. Now, the link with his Bloodsworn is fading, and he only has one chance to explain to Zurine. Without access to the planet’s magic he will surely die, yet he prefers death to a life without her.

Magic sparks a passionate confrontation when Kiel and Zurine face each other and the truth. Can two star-crossed lovers find their second chance at love? Or will a deadly plot prevent Kiel’s rebirth in amber?

Reborn in Amber


It was Zurine who broke the kiss, pulling back with a breathless little laugh. "My, but you're hungry tonight. I like it." The happiness of her smile spread a warming balm across Kiel's cold insides while simultaneously tearing at his heart.

"Mmm," he managed, tracing her kiss-swollen lips with his gaze, memorizing their shape, their color, before moving on to the curve of her cheeks with their light dusting of freckles. Her hazel eyes, slightly more green than usual, stared up at him full of love and trust. The urge to tell her the truth hit him with the force of an avalanche, but somehow, he held it back. He had to let her go cleanly, with as few regrets as possible. She would get over him easier that way.

Steeling himself, Kiel gently set Zurine away from him. "I must go, beloved. Thyrian is waiting."

Her smile gentled into one of longing. She cupped a hand against his cheek. "Then go quickly, my love, and return soon. My heart misses yours already."

Holding her gaze as long as he could, Kiel took her hand and pressed a quick, hard kiss into its palm before letting her go. He forced himself to turn away and stride quickly out of the room. Sorrow tightened his throat making it impossible to tell her that though he left, his heart would remain with her always. As he made his way to the western gate, he told himself over and over she would be all right. Thyrian would see to it. He'd make sure she found someone else to take care of her.

Someone else to love.

Snarling, Kiel shook his head violently, trying in vain to dislodge the horrible thought. The cold words clung with the tenacity of wet snow, their presence freezing even the madness hovering at the edges of his mind. Zurine would eventually love someone else. And he?

Gods above... he might as well be dead in truth.