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Sniper Shots

Love means never missing when you shoot to kill.

Amy Sheridan (the Raven) left her special ops unit after a blown mission, swearing she'd never kill again. But when Joshua Colby's life is endangered, she realizes the man means more to her than keeping her vow. She knows her usually controlled heartbeat is running rampant because of him--not fear. Once a sniper, always a sniper.

From experience, Joshua knows he'll have no chance at love as long as he remains in the dangerous world of special ops. But once he discovers the tempting woman he's been assigned to protect from a traitor is already part of his world, he's more than ready to follow his heart. Now all he has to do is convince the woman who has him in her crosshairs to give love a chance.



Sniper Fire

The kiss of a bullet might leave you cold, but love burns straight to the heart.

After nearly losing his leg to sniper fire, Kyle Fagan knows his days as a special ops operative are over. All he wants to do now is hold up in his house and ignore the rest of the world. But ignoring Dr. Farrah Hastings is something Kyle is finding difficult to do. Especially since being alone with the good doctor might just be the medicine he needs.

Farrah can’t stand the thought of Kyle giving up on life. When her warm affection for him ignites into something much hotter after just one kiss, she finally understands why. Now nothing will stand in her way of prying Kyle out of his depression, not a forest fire, not an escaped criminal, not even Kyle himself.

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